How to win in Overwatch competitive and climb SR – August 15

This is the first of a series of blog posts I’m doing to help people climb SR at every rank excluding Grandmaster and top 500. I’m a top 500 player myself and I regularly play at just about every rank. Here are my tips for winning your Overwatch games:

Basic tips for winning Overwatch Ranked at any ELO:

  • Stay positive and say nice things to teammates when they do well and even genuinely tell them “nice try” when they fail. It helps a lot
  • Watch a lot of Grandmaster streams on Twitch of the characters you are trying to get better with. You will pick up their habits just from watching
  • Be in team chat
  • Politely encourage your team to join team chat
  • Never flame teammates and try to keep conversation on the game versus what kind of pizza you had last night
  • Call out the locations of enemies that are sneaking around as well as how much health they have

How to win in Overwatch ranks Bronze Silver and Gold:

  • Let me start by saying Brigitte is a must pick. From what I’ve seen, teams that have a Brig usually win and teams that don’t usually lose. So play Brig or get your teammate to do it. Also, play aggressive with brig. Go up to the enemies and start swinging. DO NOT BE PASSIVE. That is one of the biggest problems with players at this rank, they are waiting for someone else to something
  • Your second healer should be a Lucio or a Moira because they are the simplest and provide easy reliable heals. Discourage your teammates from playing Ana and Zen at all costs. Mercy is just an average pick since her healing was recently nerfed
  • For dps reaper and junk are the top picks. Either go Reaper or Junkrat yourself or enthusiastically encourage your teammates to pick these dps. They are very heavy damage dealers and don’t require consistent precision aiming.
  • For tanks do NOT go Roadhog. You will get shredded. I don’t even play Roadhog at this SR because you are the biggest target with no shield and at this ELO you will get laser focused. On top of that you will feed ult. I would also advice against going Winston DVA at this ELO because it requires a lot of coordination between the two tanks which just isn’t happening at this ELO. Also, do not do DVA + Zarya. It just doesn’t work well. Also, politely discourage the use of Wrecking Ball. I have not seen him effectively used in any ELO yet
  • I recommend any of combination of these tanks: Reinhardt, Orisa, DVA

How to win in Overwatch Platinum and Diamond ranked:

  • This is probably the trickiest ELO to win in because it can feel so random at times. One of the big problem is that people get tilted. I think the best way to increase your odds of winning is to start the game off by getting in voice chat and saying positive and encouraging stuff. Something to the effect of: “Hey guys, hope you are all doing well. Looking forward to winning with you all today.” or “Hi, nice to meet you guys. Let’s do our best and try to win this game. I believe in all of you”. The basic idea is just to be positive and respectful of your teammates. Respect their hero choices as well as long as you have a decent setup of at least 1 healer and 1 main tank. This advice comes from personal experience. If your teammates are happy and feeling good in plat, you are FAR more likely to win. If they get tilted, you are FAR more likely to lose. So do everything you can to create a positive and fun environment. This matters way more than any other factor
  • For healing: I still believe Brig is a necessary pick in most situations. People will try to get you to go zen but the trans is just not as valuable at this ELO. It’s too hard to use. Brig ult is very overpowered. For the second heal I think whatever the person is comfy with is ok in the current meta. Just don’t have two off healers like zen lucio or zen brigg. It won’t work.
  • Be real with yourself in terms of what you are good at. Everyone thinks they are a dps god and most people are not. Often times this disillusionment is why people are still in Platinum. Take a look at your win rates on your top played heroes. If some are below 50% with over 2 hours on them, then you need to admit to yourself that you should not play these heroes. Look for the heroes that have over 50% win rates in your account. If you have some heroes over 60% win rate with over 2 hours played, then play those heroes as often as you can. Don’t be the guy with a 45% win rate on your current hero and think you are carrying your team. You are doing the opposite.
  • Know when to fill. A lot of people like to instalock dps at this ELO. Be the guy that flexes and let your team know you are flexing. This will encourage other players to do the same and before you know it, you’ll have a good team comp. Don’t flame people who picked dps, just show that you are flexing and that you really want to win. They want to win too so they will usually switch. Even if they don’t switch, by flexing and not complaining, you have already increased your chances of winning.



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